Monday, September 19, 2005

Yo Ho!

Arr!  I be given to understand that Monday be Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Time to pay tribute to the scurvy bilge rats who've been ravaging the same town for nearly 40 years!  Aye, I be jabberin' again about

Pirates of the Caribbean!
I'll not talk yer ear off tonight, matey.  'Tis past 2 AM already.  So it's a few words per picture afore I be settin' sail fer Slumberland!

This be the place, lads!    This scurvy knave be no landlubbin' Ken!

Left:  Avast! 'Tis the place, me lads, here in New Orleans Square!
Right:  I mustn't let this swab near Barbie!  He be too much fer landlubber Ken to handle!

Marc Davis drew most o' these.

Top:  Captain Hook's Chicken of the Sea pirate ship, 1950s Disneyland.
The rest:  Marc Davis concept drawings in postcard form, captioned with real pirate doggerel.  Arr!

This be one o' the real life pirates Marc Davis researched.   a pirate and the bewitched treasure

Left: this Marc Davis historical portrait graces a wall, and keeps an eye on unsuspecting tourists.
Right: this dead pirate tells no tales as he guards the cursed treasure!

Original art for a custom watch, 2003.

Original art for a custom watch, Main Street USA, 2003.

Yo Ho!  Hoist yer colors for the gallants who introduced this scurvy lot to the world:

Walt took a keen interest in the piratesArtist / Imagineer Marc Davis
Artist / Designer / Imagineer Claude Coates
Artist / Sculpter / Imagineer Blaine Gibson
Lyricist / Voice Artist X. Atencio
Composer George Bruns
Voice Artist and Lead Pirate Paul Frees
Vocalist / Voice Artist Thurl Ravenscroft and his crew of Mellomen

and Captain of the lot, who died just before the pirates set sail:
Walt Disney

All art copyright Disney.

Just Pirates of the Caribbean


P.S. And I've not forgotten Jack Sparrow, who came along much later:


gaboatman said...

There are some great pieces of artwork you've shown us here.  I knd of slept late this morning, who has deemed it talk like pirates day?  You suceeded, LOL!  This was a fun entry to read.

rap4143 said...

What a great entry.

alphawoman1 said...

Arrrrrrrr....great entry! Love the Depp man.

ryanagi said...

Shiver me timbers!

ondinemonet said...

Hey :)

I was hoping today when I found out what the assignment was that yoou would do something with the Pirates of the Caribbean!  Ahh so very cool, you got to go and see the Pirates at Disneyland not all that long ago. Very cool as usual!

Always, Carly :)

jewele637 said...

yo.  this entry was sweeeeet.  ya.  it was pretty awesome.  so.  ya.  bye.