Monday, September 5, 2005

From the "Look at This" File

In my overwhelming need to post something quickly and go to bed, I'm going to post five pictures here and ask you to identify them.  Not all of them are good pictures, and I deliberately chose them for their obscurity.  So here's your pop quiz:

1.  What is shown in each pictures?

2.  Where and when did John and I take these?

Answers Tuesday night.



sakishler said...

I'm thinking Disneyland for the first three (my biggest clue is the fake fireflies in the tree, and is that the Tiki Room? I have no idea what that first picture is but I'll guess it's something in Disneyland) and California Adventure for the 4th (never been there, but I know it has a fake Golden Gate).

The last picture: you got me. Maybe it's Los Angeles.

Perhaps you went there this weekend, and took just took these?

ryanagi said...

Are you on the Peter Pan ride for the first one? I am not familiar with Disney in Cali...but I suspect all of these are from there. :-) Tiki room! lol