Thursday, September 1, 2005

Message in a Pixel

Weekend Assignment #75: Write a note to those who are suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Take a picture of yourself and the note. Post it online where everyone can see. Write on a whiteboard, a piece of paper, a notepad, whatever.

Hang on... help is on the way!

Sorry, John S, but I cheated a little.  I just had to take it digital, with a word balloon instead of a sign.

Can I really be this selfish, this oblivious?  NPR is on in the car, and AOL and Netscape have shown me bits and pieces, but I haven't watched one minute of tv news except early on, when I saw CNBC with the sound off at L.A. Fitness. I did not want to believe that things are as bad on the Gulf Coast as they really are. The nature-driven devastation is bad--very bad--but worst of the suffering seems to be caused by human frailties - greed, rage, fear, obliviousness, selfishness, neglect, despair.  The levees should have been shored up years ago.  People should have been evacuated days ago, whether or not they had the bus fare.  Survivors should not be shooting at would-be rescuers, or attacking other survivors.  I thought disasters were supposed to bring out the best in people.  Not this time.  Or, at least, the best is being overshadowed by the actions of the looters and snipers and rapists, and the neglect of governmental authorities and agencies, before, during and after.  Many people have done exactly what they should have been doing.  Many others have done the opposite.

I have no relatives in the affected area, so the only thing that personalizes this for me is reading posts from those of you who do have family there.  I pray that they are all safe and will remain so. 

It's going to be tough, but people will survive, and rebuild.  That's what people do. 

My donation went to the Red Cross, one organization that responds to disaster after disaster, and knows how to get help where it's needed.  Maybe they can succeed where the government is failing so badly, by helping those thousands of stranded people with basic necessities and medical care.


Give to the American Red Cross:

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jayveeconcerto said...

I have no relatives in the affected area, either, but my heart certainly goes out to those who do.      Jon

monponsett said...

Have you ever poked the top of your head on the bottom of the thought balloon?

frankandmary said...

omg  what to do  what to do   i only use pictures to scam people   i feel so left out now

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