Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Happy Michaelmas! (Happy What?)

bless the pugs and the pekesTonight was Michaelmas at St. Michael's and All Angels, the annual feastday of, you guessed it, St. Michael and All Angels. No, don't click away: I'm not here to talk about angels or God or faith. I am going to tell you, briefly, what I did tonight, and what I didn't do.

See, I went over there with the digital camera, expecting to take pictures of the choir, the choir director/organist and the guest musicians: the strings, the trumpets and the tympanies. They were all gathered to perform a well-rehearsed Schubert mass in some key or other. But went into the sacristy to check the schedule for Sunday, I discovered that I was supposed to be crucifer tonight.  So: no pictures, since I couldn't exactly take them while sitting in the sanctuary. As with that rainbow a week and a half ago, I had to settle for saving pictures in my head. Frankly, I'm not good at that.

It was kind of a neat Mass, because there were seven priests and deacons instead of the usual three, and a high school student carrying a banner so big he couldn't see past it. One of the deacons was an elderly guy I'd never met before, who usually goes to the 8 o'clock. The remarkable thing about him was his proper C of E British accent. Think of Peter Cook in The Princess Bride, only without the speech impediment, and you'll get the general idea. Hearing Tom speak gave this Anglican ceremony an extra sense of occasion. Another deacon wore a medieval-looking robe reminiscent of my dad's commencement robes from Syracuse University (different color though, and no hat), and carried a staff with a little spade shape at the top.

I'm going where this weekend?The music was very good, although not exactly my favorite. It made for a very long Mass, with lots of extra time on my feet or on my knees, trying not to move. There were also hymns, all of which I liked; but it's frustrating to sing them when I don't know all the words, and don't have ready access to a hymnal. It happens every time I act as crucifer or torch.

I'm not scheduled to serve at Mass on Sunday, so I'll bring the camera then.  AndTuffy. St. Michael's always celebrates the Feast of St. Francis with a Blessing of the Animals. Expect a picture this weekend of Tuffy in church, along with photos of cats and birds, possibly rabbits and guinea pigs, and perhaps a snake or a turtle. Sorry, no horses.  Just as well - I'm allergic to all of the above!



alphawoman1 said...

Everytime I go to mass and see the choir I groan inwardlly!  Once I arrived and did not realize it was a First Communion Mass!  At Christ the King in Lexington!  That is one of the largest catholic churches in Lex! And I had to sit pretty close to the front! (you know why)...but the ceremony was wonderful.  There was a special child making his first, and his Dad escorted him (had to) to the priest.  As they stood in line waiting, this precious child refused to stand facing the priest....he stood backwards!  And went towards the priest backwards!  With his little hands in front of him perfectly placed in the prayer position.  He was a memory I'll cherish for years....

ryanagi said... have a cool church. I could never imagine bringing a Pet to Our Lady of Fatima. LOL