Monday, September 27, 2004

Priestly Horror Stories

I'm going to be a little discreet about the details, but what you are about to read is true.  No need to Snopes this stuff.

For everyone who has been thinking lately about fraudulent identities and hurtful behavior online, here's a reminder that live-and-in-person behavior sometimes leaves such online misdemeanors in the dust. Case in point: I recently heard a few priests swapping wedding horror stories.

One happened to the priest who was telling the story:

A wedding scheduled for late on a Saturday afternoon was postponed, or possibly canceled, when a groom announced to his bride at 2 PM that day that he couldn't get married after all. The reason? His girlfriend didn't want him too. Incredibly, the bride wanted to negotiate about possibly rescheduling.

One happened in the 1950s to a priest of the storyteller's acquaintance:

An exhortation to "speak now or forever hold your peace," or words to that effect, was answered when the groom's pre-existing wife and children came up the aisle.

I didn't hear the provenance of the third story:

The same line of the ceremony referenced above resulted in four women raising their hands.

Kind of puts the deceptions of online strangers in perspective, doesn't it?

Incidentally, when I tell John that I don't remember him telling me something, he sometimes jokes, "Must have been my other wife." Good thing I don't believe him! ;)



ryanagi said...

OMG! My John says that too! "Must have been my other wife" or "my girlfriend". I sometimes say "my other husband" too. LOL

alphawoman1 said...

I use to say that to Joe when he would say, "I told you!" I'd just say, "Must have been your other girlfriend!"  Funny stories about the priests.  Wow.