Tuesday, May 3, 2005

10 Things That May Be True About Carly

This is a meme that's been making the rounds.  I've previously speculated about Becky and SarahPaul got me into this by speculating about me.  Sarah did this, too.  Now it's Carly's turn:

Ten Things That May Be True About Carly

1.  Although she likes to say that she grew up in a family of "circus people," there is no truth to the rumor that Carly's maiden name was Wallenda, or that Emmett Kelly, Jr. is her father.

2.  It was Carly's cat Elvis that originated the idea of him wearing costumes.  Carly caught him "wearing" (well, sort of!) an article of clothing he found in a drawer, on a shelf or in a chair.  Carly was so charmed by the effect that she decided to complete the ensemble, with the cat's full cooperation.

3.  To date, Carly has photographed 27 different lighthouses, some of them as many as ten times each.

4.  Carly's first pet was neither a cat nor a dog.

5.  Carly likes Angelus better than Angel.

6.  Carly and Alan were friends for at least seven years before they "got serious" about each other.

7.  Carly would rather live in a lighthouse than a castle, as long as it's roomy and only a short distance from museums, galleries and coffee houses.

8.  Carly still remembers the first time she became aware of the work of Monet.

9.  Carly has worked on at least one vampire story.

10.  Carly once wrote a letter to David Duchovny.


How'd I do, Carly?



ondinemonet said...


LOL...Tune into Ellipsis soon to find out! :)

Always, Carly

deabvt said...

Karen...Good stuff!!

ryanagi said...

LOL I agree with 5 also. He was way more entertaining when he was evil.