Monday, May 23, 2005

Holy Nights

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Capture a striking scene at night. The content of the picture is your choice, but it should be at night, and if at all possible it should be a cool shot.

I took these during Holy Week in March.  I'd only had the camera for two weeks, but I think these particular shots came out well.  Others, not so much.

Maundy Thursday at St. Michael's
Evening at St. Michael's, Maundy Thursday, 3/24/05

the shrouded moon
The cloud-shrouded moon, 3/24/05  I didn't notice the cross shape until after I posted this tonight.

Easter Vigil at St. Michael's
Easter Vigil at St. Michael's, 3/26/05.  The fire is used to light a large candle. A priest (in this case Father Ireland) then processes up the nave of the unlit church, lighting other, smaller candles (which are used to light still more candles).  Thus:

The vigil continues inside.

the shrouded moon again
Return of the cloud-shrouded moon, 3/26/05

I don't feel like writing words tonight.



sakishler said...

Beautiful pictures. I especially love the moon and cross and the Easter vigil.

Night is so pretty . . .

ryanagi said...

Hmm! I don't see a "cross", I see a bird shape over the moon. Very cool.

gabreaelinfo said...

Great moon shots!


dornbrau said...

Nice!  I've had my camera for 3 months now and unless I'm taking a picture of the light itself I can just hang up any night shots!  I didn't think they would be so hard.

cneinhorn said...

very nice Karen....

and no words?  what?  shocking i tell ya!  ;-)  

fisherkristina said...

Wow.  I love these.  Very holy. -Krissy

lurkynat said...

Karen this series is very moving... and quite lovely. thank you.