Saturday, May 7, 2005


Before: my desk at work, 3/18I don't feel up for writing an exhaustive guide to Hitchhiker's Guide tonight.  I'm too exhausted to be exhaustive.  Instead I'll give you an odd-and-ends entry now, and catch up with Arthur on, erm, um, Tuesday. No, that day's scheduled.  Wednesday.  No....  Well, I'll have to work it in as an extra entry this weekend.  More and more, it seems that this journal is getting locked into a set schedule--and I refuse to let this fun thing I do turn into anything that structured!

It's been a pretty good week for me, but a stressful one.  Mal hired my replacement on Monday, and I've been training her since Tuesday morning.  We've had disagreements about whether my way is the best way, and had to work out compromises on some stuff. I'm getting inadequate sleep, and even more inadequate studying in.  And I'm pretty sure I'm having anxiety dreams every night.  Last Friday night, I dreamed that I told the non-existent husband of one of the Whovians that the way he was accounting for something-or-other was illegal.  He went off and killed himself, and then I realized that I'd forgotten an important accounting principle that made his method acceptable after all.  Aargh.  I hope I never have any life-or-death accounting quandaries in real life!

After: left side of my desk, 5/6/05  After: right side of my desk, 5/6/05

But I've made some progress at work.  As I just told Michael, today I threw away an entire filing system full of papers--nearly all of them from 1997!  I also filed some 2003-2005 stuff from the main pile, the horrible, sloppy stack I described to my replacement as ranging "from current to prehistoric."  The two of us caught up on some other stuff, too, so overall I'm very happy with today's productivity.  The photos you see in this entry are from March 18th ("Before" pictures) and May 6th ("After" pictures).  The other thing I've been doing is gradually bringing home some personal belongings, such as the Dark Willow figure in one of the Before pictures.

   Before:  main filing cabinet, 3/18/05  After: top of main filing cabinet, 5/6/05  

In other news, my friend Sara, she of the silly serial you really should be reading and voting about, started one of those AIM journals John Scalzi announced on Thursday.  Do drop in and say hello to Sara, won't you? Her new journal is called The 30th Year.

Getting back to the schedule issue, I have the following planned for the next week or so:

Saturday - "Mall of Mâvarin, Part Eight."  Becky, did you ever read last week's installment?
Sunday - "End of the Line: Mother's Day, Three Years Out."
Monday - the Monday Photo Challenge
Tuesday - Carly and Duane's Photo Challenge (got to go take those pictures!)
Wednesday - "Cryptic Comments on Day One."  Or not.
Thursday - Weekend Assignment
Friday - no idea.

See what you have to look forward to?  No, really. You have to.

As for me, I've got a JW installment to type up Saturday for my beta readers, plus sleeping to catch up on and shopping to do with John, and laundry and the sorting of mail.  Sunday morning I'm on the schedule at church. Sunday afternoon I plan to spend at the office, catching up a key spreadsheet and simplifying it for my replacement to use.  Then all next week it's more training and filing and cleaning.  And somewhere in there, probably early Tuesday morning, I need to put in an appearance at The New Employer's building to do paperwork stuff.

Ah, well.  Excitement, adventure and really wild things abound.  Sounds exhausting.  And isn't that where I came in?  I suspect that my subconscious has another anxiety dream scheduled for tonight, probably with my mom in it.  She usually turns up for such things. 



ondinemonet said...

Karen :)

Wow! You be much busy girl. LOL. Jeepers where do you ge the energy? Can I have some please? :) Yeah, I unserstand about your mom, mine probably will to. Take care darlin, and remember to take 5 :)

Always, Carly :)

plittle said...

"We've had disagreements about whether my way is the best way, and had to work out compromises on some stuff."

If your replacement disagrees with the way something is done, the correct response is: "I'm here to train you in the way things have been done. If you want to make changes, in a week I'll be gone, and the job will be yours to do with as you will. "

Say hello to your Mother for me.

deabvt said...

Too bad your days are so slow!   LOL

ryanagi said...

...did I read it.  DID I read it??? Hmm. I read it, didn't I? I did. I didn't? Hmm. I will go back and check. LOL