Monday, May 16, 2005

It Happened on March 19th

this is as good as these photos get inside TCC.Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show off a graduation ceremony of someone you know and love. Kids, parents, spouses, friends -- even yours. Show off that cap and gown and diploma that says "you made it!"

Thanks for making it an easy one!  It helps, because I've got to go back to the office tonight.

I have only really bad pictures from the commencement ceremony itself, taken by John with my digital camera, and by Dad with his digital camera.  (The one shown here was one of Dad's.) They were a fair distance away, both cameras were new, and Tucson Convention Center wasn't all that well lit.  But here's a brief film John made, and here are some digital photos taken immediately afterward.

University of Phoenix still hasn't sent my real diploma, because I have yet to fill out a financial aid exit interview form.  Everyone at the ceremony got a note on parchment paper saying that a diploma would be sent once the University determined that the student had met all eligibility requirements, including paying the diploma fee.

March 19th

Photo by John W Blocher

me and Dad

One of my goals was to graduate in my dad's lifetime.
Photo by John W Blocher

March 19th

photo by Frank E Funk

Oh, by the way, I have no photos whatsoever of any other graduation by anyone anywhere.

Time to go back to work!



madmanadhd said...

Excellent Karen! I love being able to put a face with the name and all those wonderful comments. You look so schollarly. Hey did you check out my idea for a photo shoot? Kinda wacky... but that's me. Wanna play? It doesn't haveta be of you either.  

Don't work too hard over there.

cneinhorn said...

karen I remember your graduation photos...not sure if you had all of these up but i  do remember you graduating not too long ago! way to go girl!  such an accomplishment!  :-)

ondinemonet said...

Hi Karen

Lovely to see that warm smile! :) What a cute girl, and you look wonderful in that cap and gown. :) Go for you! :)

Always, Carly :)

deabvt said...

Awwww, I remember!

ryanagi said...

I'm bummed! I can't play the video for some reason.

shelt28 said...

Great Pictures!


fisherkristina said...

Hi Karen!  Great pic!  -Krissy

alphawoman1 said...