Monday, May 2, 2005

An Other Significant Other

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of your significant other, or show off a picture of your significant other that you particularly like. If you are currently between significant others (hey, it happens), you can use a picture of a former significant other, or a picture of a really good friend, since really good friends, in their way, are just as important as a significant other.

John declines to have his picture posted for this, so instead here a couple of pictures of the late Dan Cheney, whom I dated in 1972-1974.

Dan and Karen in Miss Nevin's second grade class, 1964-1965.

 Dan Cheney, grade 2  Karen, grade 2

Dan and Karen at the junior prom, 1974. 

Dan and Karen, junior prom, 1974.

I've told Dan's story elsewhere, so I'll just put the links here:

In Memoriam: Dan Cheney

Sleep, Glorious Sleep! (in which Dan haunts my dreams)

By the way, I just discovered tonight that one of Dan's closest friends, Shane Johnson of Texas, mentions him somewhere between the covers of one of his books. Here's the link for that (check the reviews for the reference to Dan):

The Last Guardian by Shane Johnson

Apparently this is a religious fantasy thriller.  Sounds like exactly the kind of book Dan would have liked!


1974 Photo credit: S. C. Parker, 604 Forbes Ave., Chittenango, NY 12037

Update:  Shane sent me this link, explaining the history of the book.  No wonder it sounded familiar: it started out as a story Dan was working on in Mr. Hayes' creative writing class in 1974!


ryanagi said...

So what is John's deal? Is he afaid he'll end up with an internet stalker? LOL ;-)

auburndawn said...

Sad story Karen, hard to see so much tragedy in one life.  Still, it is nice to see his photos, nice to hear his story.  Nice to think that when we're gone someone will perhaps remember us and care.  Thanks for sharing that.

cneinhorn said...

I love that prom photo!  

John is camera shy or like Becki said?  LOL

Sorry to read about the loss of your HS sweetheart.  


madmanadhd said...

Karen... I know just what you mean about John. My love detests having her photo taken and requested that the few I have of her not be posted. Part of being in love and in a relationship is honoring the requests of others. But dang wish I could post a pic because she is oh so beautiful and makes the blood course through my veins and the wind sing in my heart.

What a wonderful tribute to Dan. I've read your moving tribute to him before but not seen the other links. Thanks for sharing.

deabvt said...

The pics!!!!

alphawoman1 said...

This is so funny!  Your husband in 1974 looks just like my nephew in 2005!  He is so are you!