Monday, May 16, 2005

Three Photos

I don't have much to say tonight, so here are a couple of photos instead:

1. John noticed this sign at Fry's tonight.  Naturally, I snapped a picture:

The stick people are saying: 

"Help us!" 

"We need a loan now!" 

"I'm Latoya and I can help find the right loan for you!"

2. This was taken a week ago by Colby Maye.  No, I don't get to put on the priestly chasuble I'm holding, just an alb (the white thing I'm wearing), and the rope cincture that goes with it.  But I did act as a human coat rack for a couple of minutes while Colby went for a hanger to replace a broken one.

No, I'm not a priest!

3.Turning 100 years old this week:

Eva Osburn

Eva O.

Happy Birthday, Eva!


deabvt said...

Happy Birthday, Eva!!!

ryanagi said...

Wow! Eva looks really good for her age. And you make a lovely coat rack. LOL