Monday, May 9, 2005

All Around Texas - at Broadway & Wilmot

This building is going up behind a Mimi's Cafe, across the street from a Marie Callendar's and that dead movie theater I showed you a week or two ago, a block from a Hometown Buffet and adjacent to the Park Place Mall entrance on Wilmot.  It's almost certainly another restaurant, but what kind? 

Well, when I photographed this for the "construction" photo challenge with Duane and Carly, I looked again for the answer.  It's going to be a Texas...something.

behind the new building

Back view: there's got to be a mound of dirt, right?

side view of the new building

Side view: door to nowhere much.

corner view of the new building

Corner view:  is that a cup in the window?

front view of the new building

Front view:  the new Texas Something!  Okay, I guess that looks Wild Western.

Tomorrow:  22nd and Wilmot, then and now.

Now, go see what Duane and Carly posted.  Carly photographed a major, somewhat scandal-ridden bridge construction project, and Duane photographed a museum addition at a historical site.  Neat stuff, and much more important than one more restaurant in Tucson!



ondinemonet said...


Great photos! Berkeley is kinda known for having a restaurant on every corner. LOL. Gotta keep all those college students happy and employed I guess. LOL. I will be looking forward to seeing how the building looks when they are finished. Great stuff girl!

Always, Carly

fdtate714 said...

That's going to be a Texas Roadhouse.  It looks exactly like the one we've got here in Chattanooga and according to their website - - they're about to open a new restaurant in your neck of the woods.  It's pretty good for one of those steakhouse chains.  Willie Nelson is the front man of the investors.

Good job on the construction project.  It's like a little piece of history.  Years from now, you can say, "I remember when they built that," or "I remember when that used to be a vacant lot...or whatever it used to be."  Basically, "I remember when that wasn't there."

deabvt said...

So, What is it?

ryanagi said...

You can never have too many places to go for a good steak dinner, IMO. ;-)