Sunday, November 28, 2004

Almost Unassisted Poetry

I tried the virtual fridge magnet poem generator thingy recommended by John Scalzi and Paul Little. It annoyed me. It gave me five copies of of the word "sieve" and other words I didn't want, and none of the words I needed. So I write it on my own, in honor of missing Mumsy:

back yard, circa 1990We do not live in Winter's lands,
Where snow and ice are often seen.
We seldom rinse off cold, red hands,
Nor watch each spring for glimpse of green.

We live with Summer's tyranny;
Three digits mark Sun's cruel effect;
We wait inside with the A.C.
For Winter's mild, benign neglect.

Year after year, this bargain made,
Without red leaves we walk in fall,
And rarely miss, as mem'ries fade
The seasons hardly seen at all.

KFB, 11/28/04


plittle said...

You know you can choose from among several word sets, right? You can even create your own word set. Also, the limitaion is kind of the point of the exercise.

cneinhorn said...

very nice the rainbow too....I hope Mummsy comes back soon, I"ve missed her too :-(