Wednesday, November 3, 2004

I Think You Ought to Know That I'm Feeling Very Depressed

Well, it's not that bad, really; but I'm very disappointed about the election, and the direction this country seems to be going. I think perhaps if we could talk to the country as a whole, get down to specifics, and clear away partisan and paranoid distortions and lies, people would be less polarized. Does being pro-life mean you want a desperate woman to die or be jailed after a coat-hanger abortion?  Does being pro-marriage mean that a gay domestic partner in a long-time monogamous relationship should not be allowed to participate in a loved one's medical decisions? Does being in favor of the separation of church and state mean we want to take away your Bible? Come on! I think if we could get past the slogans and labels and explore what these things really mean--or don't mean--we wouldn't be as far apart on the issues as we think we are. Yes, some people will continue to think in black and white terms, but the overall response to might be more nuanced if we ask what, specifically, we want to do about each issue.

Nevertheless, I want to shout at the country today, "DON"T YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

My critical thinking course ended last night. It started out very relevent to this election season, and then veered into a boring rehash of corporate decision-making. It's over now, and I will spend a few days on my novels before I jump in on homework for my economics course.

But in the meantime I think I'll drag through a day or two of politics-induced depression.


P.S. I forgot to mention one piece of good news. John heard from a potential employer yesterday, who wanted to know John's salary requirements. The position matches John's skills and interests pretty much exactly, and it's a temp-to-hire position, which matches our plans pretty much exactly. We'll have to see what happens, but so far, so good!


ryanagi said...

*sigh*  (Good luck to John!)

daephene said...

I love the Marvin quote, by thea way.  Always did like Marvin.