Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Thoughts

I had a happy thought tonight, apropos of my latest course at University of Phoenix. I'm almost done with this degree! Two years in on my coursework here (and yes, this is in live classes, not just online), I have two five week courses to go. As of three hours ago, I've had one week of Macroeconomics, so now I've only nine classes to go. Nine more weeks and I'm done!

Somewhat annoyingly, those nine weeks aren't all consecutive. Because of Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's, I won't actually finish until the first week in February. But still, that's less than three months. And with all that time off in December, I'll have a chance to do some writing. Maybe I'll finally get Mages within shouting distance of being ready for submission to publishers and agents. 

Then when February comes, I'll be done with UoP. Sure, I'll need to study for my CPA exam in May, but I'm not likely to do that for three solid months. I'm looking forward to writing then, too.

But more time for writing is not the only reason I'm so happy that the end of my UoP coursework is finally in sight. The big thing is that I will have done it. I'll have redeemed my failure to get a B.A. in English and Film back in 1979, by instead getting a B.S.B./Acc (Bachelor of Sciences in Business - Accounting) in 2005. The thing my mom worried I'd never finish, I'll have finished. My 81-year-old dad, the retired university dean, will almost certainly live to see his daughter get her degree at last. I'll have done it in style, too, with a G.P.A. that's hovering at 3.93. Trust me, it wasn't anywhere near that high at Syracuse University in the 1970s. Sure, there's been grade inflation, but I've also worked harder, and succeeded.

It will also be time to start looking for work in Phoenix or Southern California, or anywhere else that seems suitable for both of us, professionally and personally (read: probably not someplace snowy). But heck, that could be interesting, too. I'll be the most employable I've ever been. And that's a happy thought, too.


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ryanagi said...

Woo hoo! Happy dance time! So...what kind of test taker are you? :-)