Sunday, November 7, 2004

What Shall We Talk About?

It's 11:34 PM local time. I still have a cold, I desperately need to do laundry, and I haven't started my homework for my penultimate UoP course.

So, what shall we talk about tonight?


Sorry. I have no idea.

I could tell you how pleased I was to finally get through the hard part of Joshua Wander's backstory (the pseudoscience part), about 28 years after my first attempt. I could tell you how bummed I was that a friend said it took too long to get past JW's childhood to the interesting bit. I could try to condense an hour's worth of IM into a paragraph or two about whether a book can still open slowly, as the Victorians used to do it (well, not that slowly, but over the course of several pages), or whether it always has to start with wham-bang action to accommodate the impatience of the modern reader.

But you know what? I expect most of you aren't exactly riveted by such a subject, much less feel compelled to offer helpful advice on the matter. And I really do need to do laundry and homework, so I guess I'll bid you a fond TTYL.

I'll do better tomorrow, I promise. If I get some of this economics homework read, maybe I'll have the ammunition to write about what a pseudoscience I think that is, other than the basic principle of supply and demand. Or not, as I can see you nodding off already.

Maybe something really interesting will happen in my life, and I'll write about that instead. Or...I don't know. Tucson weather? Half-forgotten memories? Religion? Politics? No, I'm sick of that subject. Something that will make John profoundly uncomfortable if he sees it online? No, I'm not that desperate.
But I'll think of something. I hope!


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ryanagi said...

LOL! You sound like me. What shall I talk about? A whole lot of nada. ;-)