Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thanks for the Words and Pictures

Weekend Assignment #35: Tell us something you should be thankful for -- but that you're usually not. After all, it's easy to be thankful for all the things you know you should be thankful for: Your family and friends, your home, the good things that come from living wherever (and whenever) you do. So try stretching a little and think about something that you're thankful for that you usually don't think much about at all. It can be serious or silly; it's up to you. You just have to be genuinely thankful for it -- once it comes to mind.

For reasons ranging from entertainment value to literary influence to life-changing absorption of ideas or values, I'm thankful for the writing (and other artistry) of:

some of our booksDouglas AdamsPiers Anthony / Xavier AtencioPeter S. Beagle / John BellairsDonald P. Bellisario / John D. F. Black / Paul BrownAllan Burns  /  James BurkeChris Claremont / Leonard CohenGene L. Coon / Arthur Conan DoyleDiane Duane / Harlan EllisonNora Ephron / Jane EspensonBob GaleWilliam GoldmanOscar Hammerstein II /   Chris Hayward  / Ruth Anne JohnsonUrsula K. LeGuin /  Madeleine L'EngleJohn Lennon Alan J. LernerC. S. LewisAnne McCaffreyPaul McCartneyMichael Maltese  / A. A. MilneMiss MulockTeresa Nielsen Hayden / Rockne S. O'Bannon / Deborah Pratt  /  Carl Reiner  / Gene Roddenberry / J. K. Rowling /  Antoine de Saint-Exupery / John M. Scalzi   /  Dr. Seuss  /  Richard M. ShermanRobert B. ShermanJ. Michael Straczynski  / Tommy Thompson  /  James ThurberJ. R. R. TolkienP. L. TraversKurt Vonnegut Joss Whedon  / T. H. White / Gene Wilder / Patricia C. Wrede / Robert Zemeckis

the other artistic efforts of

some of *my* booksJulie Andrews / Scott Bakula / Mel Blanc /   Daws Butler / Bob Clampett  /   Hans Conried  /  Marc Davis  /   Walt Disney  / June Foray  /   Paul Frees  /   Alyson Hannigan / Anthony Stewart Head  /  John Levene (John Anthony Blake)  / James Marsters / Sylvester McCoy  /  Jon Pertwee  /  Rob Reiner  /   Dean Stockwell /  Thurl Ravenscroft  /   Dick Van Dyke  /   Jay Ward  /  Sherry "Sherlock" Watson  /   Gene Wilder  /   Guy Williams  /   Robin Williams

and mentoring, advice, conversation, letters, instruction and other kind acts by

Scott Bakula  /  Ginger Buchanan  /  Algis J. Budrys  /  Harlan Ellison  / Damon Knight  /  Madeleine L'Engle  /   Harriett Margulies 
/  Kate Wilhelm  /  Robin Scott Wilson  /  William Windom

I may add more later, but you get the idea.



cneinhorn said...

Great list, and it's only a start?! :-)

ryanagi said...

Busy busy woman. I know/love all but a few. :-)

jeff466 said...

Your list of wonderful literary and entertainment artists is so varied like mine, and very similar.  There are literally too many to list it seems.  Have you ever read Margaret Atwood?  Gregory Maguire?  Pearl S. Buck?  I could go on LOL

I enjoyed reading your journal and thank you for the kind words you left on my journal.  I appreciate it.    Jeff

ondinemonet said...

Hi :)

What an amazing list! William Windom stood out to me. I remember his show that was on when I was a little girl, "My World and Welcome To It." It was based on James Thurber I believe. I think I may have a few years on you so I am not sure if you remember it. Funny, cute and very wise. I like your journal very much!

Love, Carly