Thursday, November 25, 2004

Change Up

John's bowl o' change - plus $2Weekend Assignment #36: I have a mug on my desk with $70.65 in change in it. What should I do with the money?The only unacceptable answer is "give it to me." Honestly. You can do better.

Extra Credit: If you've got a picture of your own loose change storage device, show it.

What is accumulated change for, if not Christmas shopping?  Or pizza. But that's too much for pizza, unless you're feeding a baseball team.

So. Thirty dollars for something funny and romantic for your wife (I'm told that women other than me like jewelry, but if it were me, I'd want a book or a DVD), thirty more for some cool sciffy toy for Athena. I'm sure you can do better than that stuffed Cthulu from Worldcon. The other $10 or so is for cards and wrapping paper, and maybe stocking stuffers. Or buy $70 worth of DVDs that the whole family will like. Or--even better! Take the whole $70.65 and blow it on the coolest Christmas stockings ever, for both of your beloved females.

Here's my wallet.Me, I don't have a change repository, except my wallet (shown at right). I just spend it as I get it, feed my state quarter folder, and do stress snacking from the vending machines at school. But John has this cool one (shown above), which he pulled from a drawer for me and filled up a little more from the dresser. Maybe he'll buy something for my stocking with it.  Not with the $2 bill, though. That's a keeper.


P.S. It has come to my attention that I should have put in a word for Toys for Tots, Angel Tree programs, the Salvation Army, the Community Food Bank and so on. Well, yeah, do that too. We do all those things here. But use a different batch of money!


plittle said...

You Americans and your two dollar bill phobia!

yogakosmo said...

Yeah--I would take a book or CD any day over jewlery too....glad I am not the only female who feels that way!

Thanks for stopping by my journal!   Now, I still have to say the whole "randomness" of finding the money is what would make it interesting.  But I can see your point too.  Me, I am just a gamblin' woman at heart...taking chances despite what logic or conventioanl wisdom would say....I know, another one of my charming flaws!


pixiedustnme said...

MMMM, Pizza, now you've gone and made me hungry!

ryanagi said...

I like the bowl! Looks like exotic fruitwood of some kind...bear paw pattern. LOL