Monday, November 1, 2004

And Now for Something Completely Different

What I want today:

1. Sleep. I didn't get even one decent night's sleep this past week.
2. Time. I have over a week's worth of homework to do by 6 PM tomorrow. Some of it needs to be done by last week.
3. Enlightenment. I want a bunch of people in Florida and Ohio to finally realize that voting for Bush is *not* a good idea, and that Kerry's not the source of all evil after all. And I want people in Arizona to realize they should vote No on Prop. 200.
4. Sleep. I can't overstate this.
5. Inspiration: I want to be inspired to finish that one overdue paper, and something interesting to say about the bottles of instant hand sanitizer Mal put on everyone's desk over the weekend.
6. Household elves, storage boxes, and a tamed vortex to make my house bigger on the inside. Someone needs to find room for all my stuff, so that it's neat, organized, and accesssible, and to get rid of useless junk mail and old bills. I have a terrible feeling that someone is me.
7. Magic wand. If I could reorder the universe just a little bit, I'd take care of all of the above.



cneinhorn said...

I really wish I had a magic wand right about now too!  Hope you get your sleep and rest!

ryanagi said...

Doing my Jeanie blink right now...*BLINK* *BLINK*  Is it working?

mavarin said...

I don't know whether it was your Jeannie blink, Becky (no Samantha nose-twitching?) but I got 6 1/2 hours of sleep last night - which is more than I've been getting - and I just finished my homework. Well, okay, I didn't do most of the actual reading, but it's still an improvement!  :) - Karen