Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I started this journal a year ago today.  The first picture I put on it was of Tuffy - of course! 

So how will I celebrate the anniversary? With more pictures of Tuffy--of course!

To Do List  (annotated Thursday morning):

1. Sleep. (Didn't do nearly enough of this Tuesday night, but I did better Wednesday night.)

2. Work. (Yes, I worked.  Even got stuff done.)

3. Call the recruiter. (Dithered over related issues, such as accessing RHI web site.  Did not call.)

4. Finish learning about styles and numbering in Word. (Nope. Not so far.)

5. Study formulas in Excel. (I really need to do this.)

6. Write suppositions that "may be true" about Sarah K. (Soon.  Becky, too.)

7. Write interview questions for Nettie. (Will do.)

8. Write or repost something on SMAAARTS to close out Lent. (I have something picked out.)

9. I really *must* send out those Holiday Trivia prizes!  They're on this desk right now, but I want to customize them before they go out. (Maybe this weekend.)

10. Clean!  Come on, do it! (John bagged up all the mail this morning. Now I've got to take it out and trash most of it.)

And I didn't even mention studying for the CPA exam.


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jeanno43 said...

Well done and congratulations on your journal's first anniversary.  Beautiful pictures of a lovely dog.

shellys555 said...

Congrats! :)

ryanagi said...

Happy Anniversary to your blog. Mine is coming up. Wow. And I will have to go back and read some of your early entries. I've been meaning to for a while now.

deabvt said...

Only you can post a post of six posts!    LOL