Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Pictures and Failures

I was not terribly productive at work today.  I tried, but I was tired, and kept getting distracted with photography and blog-related stuff and excessive sleepiness.  Shame on me. 

One thing about this new camera is that I can't upload the photos at work, since I don't have a flash card reader there.  That's not a bug.  It's a feature.

But I did take pictures, before, during and after work.

First, let's get this out of the way:


Monday Photo Shoot #2: Your computer is a doorway to the entire world (at least the online parts of it). Show off your computer and its surrounding environment. Describe any interesting details.

Monday's technically over, but heck, it's still Monday night, isn't it?

The Compaq, this morning before work.
I almost didn't show you this, at least,  not without cleaning up and/or cropping the photo closer to the computer.  You will all think I'm a horrible slob, which of course I am.  This is for want of four things:

1. Space to put things in
2. Money to buy physical storage (bigger house, storage space rental, filing cabinets)
3. Time to do all the things I should be doing, including cleaning
4. Sleep to help me get the energy to clean

Obviously, these are all interrelated.

Well, anyway.  Besides the computer with the possibly-dying hard drive, this photo features Dentyne gum, new batteries bought on a quick run to the store last night when my wireless mouse stopped working, the old batteries, the old Mavica camera, the flash reader for the new Canon camera, vintage beanbag Snoopy, Windex, an unopened color printer cartridge, unorganized CD-Rs, external floppy drive because the internal one died the death, the inevitable cords, a card file box full Tucson Toros ticket stubs, a little dragon Sara sent me back when she was Cricket Ball, and spiral notebooks full of Mâvarin handwritten drafts.  15 hours later, the dead batteries and empty gum pack are in the trash, but the rest is the same.


Remember the "view out your window" photo assignment, and my pictures of my messy desk at work when I was so busy?  Here is today's update.  The desk isn't any cleaner, but the photos are better.

My office window looks out into...the office.
The view from my office window.

Well, maybe it's a LITTLE neater.
I suppose this mess is not too terrible.

In Search of the Perfect Mountain Sunset Photo

After work, I took the camera up into the Catalina Foothills, hoping to get better pictures than I can manage within a block of my house.  I took lots and lots of pictures over the course of an hour or more.  Here are a few of them:

The Catalines, as seen near the top of Campbell Ave.
Campbell Avenue is a major North-South artery through Tucson.  The top of it is above a street called Sunrise, in the foothills.  I think it was near that terminus that I took this photo.

Sunset glows over the Tucson Mountains shortly after the end of rush hour.
This was taken from the corner of Swan and Broadway.  I missed out on the very best shots, but you get the general idea.

spotty picture, pretty colors.
I don't know why this came out all spotty, except that it was probably taken from inside the car.  The colors are nice, though.

*Yawn* Must...sleep...now!



andreakingme said...

LOL! We sleepy slobs must unite, Karen. High five!

I love the mountain sunset photos, spots and all. Especially the one with the gold 795 sign, which makes such a nice contrast against the pinky blue sky.

cneinhorn said...

I love yoru photos karen!  My desk isn't the neatest, so I'm not brave enough to share a photo of it at the moment!  ~JerseyGirl

alphawoman1 said...

I am not brave enough to show a photo of my computer space!  Loving the photos.

jabarett said...

Nice pics, Karen!

Okay. Check my barrettmanor blog. Your computer pic has erm, inspired me. Messy pic up now. Hopefully I'll post a less messy pic later. Housework. Yeah. Right.

ryanagi said...

I spotted the snoopy beanbag IMMEDIATELY! I was like HEY! I have one of those! LMAO!! Um...I think you need to wash the car windows, firstly, and secondly you need to disable the flash. ;-) I am seeing a big improvement in photo quality over the old Mavica, by the way. :-)

deabvt said...

Bye, Bye   25,000 limit!
The Pics are great and you seem so excited!  Yeaa!