Thursday, March 31, 2005

Waiting for the Viking

Okay, so this morning did not go as expected.

I started by called Big Sky Collision. They were very nice, efficient, competent and reasonably priced when I backed into a barrier at a gas station last year. So I called them, and was told to call Allstate and then call Big Sky back. Allstate was next on my list anyway, so I made the call.

This is when things started to veer in an unexpected direction. Mary at my agent's office said that if the other guy was at fault (as clearly he was), my best bet was to contact his insurance company directly. Allstate could act as my go-between, but then I'd be out my deductible, and settlement could take months. That didn't sound good. So. Okay. I agreed to call the other company.

What other company is that, exactly?

1965 Ford--but which one was the driver?On the police report, which incidentally lists other driver "Michael" as being just barely 18 years old and the Ford truck as being from 1965, the other insurance company is listed as "Orian" (sic). Policy number: unknown.

So I looked up Orion Insurance online.  First site that came up was commercial insurance in the UK. Umm, no.  But eventually I found a site that said Orion Auto Insurance had been renamed Viking.  I went to the Viking site, found the number, and called.

Turned out the kid hadn't reported the accident to them yet.  But the lady on the phone took my info, and said someone from the Colorado(!) office would call within two business days.

So I went to work.

what a mess.Well, the insurance adjuster just called.  She was very nice.  They don't seem to have a current working number for Michael, but it is a valid policy.  She's going to call the witness, and I'm to take the car to Maaco tomorrow for an estimate. She even said something about getting me a rental car if the Saturn isn't drivable at night, once Maaco confirms this fact.  Well, yay!

I guess it's going to be okay after all.  My only worry is that if the repair costs "way over $2000," as the adjuster is guessing, the car may yet be totaled.  I hope not.  That poor car and I have been through a lot together!  It was my mom's last major gift to me, and I'd hate to let it go.



deabvt said...

Karen, I have to give you credit, finding the insurance company. I sure hope your Saturn isn`t totalled!

ryanagi said...

Excellent detective work! I hope your baby gets fixed and you aren't out any funds out-of-pocket.