Monday, March 28, 2005

News and Stuff (as if I Haven't Already Blogged Enough Today)

1. Go read Sarah K's LiveJournal to see how I did on my Ten Things That Might Be True About Sarah.  While you're at it, check out Sara G's reader-interactive serial.

2. I'm starting to get a lot of responses to my revised resume. A few of them are real leads on real jobs in my field.  The rest are sales jobs, vague come-ons that sound like scams or at least fishing (but not phishing), and attempts to sell me something.  Still, I'm encouraged.  The latest one is for a real accounting-related job in Tucson, with a low-end job description but good pay and prospects.

Disconcertingly, I had to ask Mal to call the recruiter today as a "supervisory reference." I joked that "If you want to ruin my life, here's your opportunity."  He laughed and agreed to make the call. 

She asked Mal what I did there (he said "bookkeeper," which isn't as good as saying "accountant"), whether I did a good job ("yes"), whether I'd been there a long time ("yes") and what he'd do when I left ("panic, probably"). She didn't go into depth.  Mal and I figure she was basically checking for gross fabrication on the resume.  Well, fine.  Aside from the terminology of my job title (which varies, depending on who's talking to whom," It's all fairly unimpeachable.

3.  I'm going to put off the other meme stuff another day.  Between the church web updates, blogging and other goings-on, I was up past 4 AM last night.  I really want to get in eight hours (for a change) tonight. Sometimes, I have to do the sensible thing, y'know?


Some bunny's tired.

(This desert cottontail used to hang out under our Israeli pine tree

in our back yard on Grannen. Circa 1987. Photo by Karen or John.)


jabarett said...

Working as a freelancer I get a lot of come-ons for what sound like dubious jobs. One Sunday I spent twenty minutes going round and round with a lady about a "ground floor opportunity." She never told me what the opportunity was (I had to make an appointment for an interview, during which thumb screws would no doubt be applied). After several rounds of asking for details and she offering nothing except "earning potential" she finally decided I was wasting her time. That's a good one. Call at 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon (okay, that's the long, dark teatime of the soul, but I have better things to do) and waste MY time and throw it back in my face as though I ruined her whole day.

I am such a cruel person.

ryanagi said...

Oh and CUTE rabbit!

ryanagi said...

How is the CPA studying going? I'll have to send another question of the day want to try a different section of the test? LOL

deabvt said...

That`s a cutie!