Monday, March 7, 2005

Blogging My Weekend, Part Two

Here are the Sunday pictures I promised last night.

Part Two: Sunday

Pop Quiz:  Where am I? Or rather, where was I Sunday morning?

Two tin bands, one toy mechanism

(Remember this?)
Toy show, or gun show?

Well, I certainly wasn't at the gun show!

Answer: John and I went to the toy show that hits Tucson in March each year, right before my birthday and John's.  It's our annual chance to splurge on the replacement of childhood artifacts, and maybe get a few things we didn't have back then.

Army truck, train and more
There were toy cars - lots of them - toy trucks, toy trains...

dolls and more.
dolls of (nearly) all sizes, tea sets, pull toys, tops...

Marx farm, baby blocks

toy farms and forts, aircraft carrier and kitchens - mostly made of tin, mostly "by Marx!" - doll furniture, baby blocks...

metal toys
(mostly) vintage tin and other metal toys, fire trucks, banks...

vintage, old, not so old, and rather new
...and, well, you get the idea.  The toys, books, and ephemera range in age from 80 years old to a week or two. The patrons of the show were mostly boomers or seniors, with a few savvy kids sprinkled in.

John finally got his Superman water rocket (an old cereal premium), but passed up a repro Fort Apache set.  I got a few Lord of the Rings figures and a Zorro Viewmaster set, but regretfully passed up a $65 "coppertone kitchen" that my Casey and Tutti used to cook on.  I also got John a neat Disneyland thing for his birthday--shh!

Low clouds to the extreme southeastOn the way in, I took this picture of low clouds at the base of a mountain at the extreme southeast edge of Tucson, near Vail.  It was a little tricky to get from the passenger side of a moving car, but I think it came out okay.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get you any pictures of the airplane graveyard as we drove past it.  High walls, fences and the lack of a place to pull over or stop make it tough to do.  I'll go back with the camera sometime soon, and try it properly.  If nothing else, I can get shots from the Pima Air and Space Museum.

I can't really capture the dark vista we saw.


By the time we came out of the toy show, it was threatening to rain. Clouds ranged from tiny white things to a huge gray mass that took up a third of the sky.  The fairground is just barely in Tucson, so far out that it looks as if there were no city nearby at all. Because a bridge / freeway ramp was closed, we had to drive even farther out of town before turning back toward the city. The vistas were fantastic--and impossible to capture with my elderly digital camera.  As we got turned around, finally back to where we started, this time headed west, the rain began.

Sunday night, I finally updated my resume and messed around on CareerBuilder for several hours.  I sent the resume to three places, including an international accounting placement service.

This morning the placement service called.  I have an interview early tomorrow morning.  Plus: I won an iTunes download with my Diet Pepsi (small things make me happy sometimes!) and I proved to Mal that my advertising expense total was technically correct after all--just as the CPA's office called to say the taxes were done.  I rule!

And yet, right after I left for the CPA's office to pick up the taxes, I realized that 1) my pants were on backwards, and had been all day, and 2) I really shouldn't show up there with spots on my shirt from lunch.  (You may all laugh at me now; I don't mind.) So much for "I rule!"  I made a ten minute stop at J C Penney, bought a couple of shirts (one of which I put on), and fixed my pants.


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