Monday, March 21, 2005

Just Pictures for Now

I'm supposed to pick my dad up in five hours, and I haven't been to bed yet.  So I'm sure you'll understand if I just post some pictures for now.  I'll double back later with some captions or explanations or both. All pictures by KFB, 3/20/05, on or beyond Gates Pass west of Tucson. Happy Vernal Equinox! - Karen

This train at Old Tucson was, I think, the oldest working locomotive in the U.S. until the Old Tucson fire of 1995 (probably arson).  A railroad buff (and past president of a railroad museum), my dad had to at least pretend to get a closer look.

Dad tries to photograph Tucson (not shown here) as seen from Gates Pass.

A couple waits for sunset at Gates Pass.

Hello, Vernal Equinox! Looking due west toward the sunset.  The woman's shoe isn't really on fire.



ryanagi said...

I love the photo of the sunset alignment! Yay spring!

deabvt said...

Aww, Great Pics!