Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Wild Guesses and Wild Animals

Okay, with no further delay:

Ten Things That May Be True About Becky Yanagi
(educated guesses, based on a meme suggested by Paul L.)

1. Becky never has fewer than five books in various stages of being read.  Sometimes there are as many as ten.
2. Becky's odd sleep schedule stems from a combination of online activities and parenting activities. But she's a night owl anyway.
3. Becky--or maybe her mother, acting on her behalf--once turned down a modeling job because a) it was unseemly, and b) it interfered with school.
4. Becky and John have narrowed down the list of possible girl's names to four--no, five--no, four.
5. Although the preschool question remains unresolved, Becky can tell you which school districts in the area have the best reputations, at least at the K-6 level.
6. The top priority in house hunting, if Becky and John decided to move, would be Tyler-centric considerations - a safe place to play, neighborhood kids, good school and recreation opportunities nearby.  Second priority is as much space as possible to accommodate a growing family and their stuff.
7. Becky prefers take-out to cooking, but it has to be good stuff, not junk, and there has to be something Tyler will consent to eat.
8. Although Becky has lived in the Northeast all her life, she's not sick of snow yet--well, maybe a little.
9. Becky would like to travel more, preferably with the whole family healthy throughout the journey.
10. For Becky, the hardest part of going out of town is getting behind on reading people's journals.  Unless the trip involves family (other than John and Tyler).  In that case, the family contact part is sometimes more stressful than the being offline part.

I hope this came out okay!

More Critter Pictures, circa 1987

A number of people seemed to like my wildlife pictures from 1986 or 1987, so here are some more of them, taken from the same photo album.  This was the period when I used to take my hand-me-down Canon AE1 up into the mountains nearly every day, along with a zoom lens, a macro lens, two bird books, binoculars, sometimes a tripod, and even a plastic sandwich bag full of bird seed. This ended when a) someone stole the camera out of our van on night, as part of a multi-family burglery of neighborhood vehicles, and b) I eventually had to get a job, which curtailed my  birding quite a bit!

This is a junco, probably at Molino Basin on Mount Lemmon. 

Another shot of that owl.  I'm pretty sure this was at Catalina State Park.

Back to Molino Basin.  Pocket gopher.  This is not a very good picture technically, but what an amazing-looking critter!  Here he is again:

And here's that back yard bunny again. More back yard photography tomorrow night.



ondinemonet said...


I love the little brown bird the most. Owls frighten me a bit, which means I should probably be taking some pictures out in some of the canyons around here. We have some pretty common songbirds...although they have been fewer and fewer due to a new strain of virus. Lovely photos...all of them! :)

Carly :)

ryanagi said...

Neat! Going to post my response now...