Thursday, March 17, 2005

Beginnings and Endings

Another two-part entry tonight.  Scroll down for the Weekend Assignment part.  First I want to feature another photo essay:

Sunset for the Metal Warriors

Yes, it was sunset time again, but I didn't go up the mountain. Instead I visited the area near Valencia and Kolb in Tucson, where hundreds of old planes and helicopters are stored or restored, scrapped or salvaged. 

a tiny part of the museum's collection

The best-preserved aircraft are at the Pima Air and Space Museum, which closes at 5 PM.  I was there at 6 PM.

sunset at the Davis-Monthan tower

But nearby, on Valencia and on Kolb, on and off military property, adjacent to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base,

hundreds of retired military planes at sunset

...there are retired fighter jets(?), still relatively intact,

parts of helicopters

...helicopters, and parts thereof,

plane nosecones, looking like alien huts

...collections of spare parts salvaged from old planes,

the empty shell of a largish plane

...empty shells of commercial aircraft and military transport planes,

somebody had fun with this old hulk.

...and I'm not quite sure what these used to be.

a neighbor's yard has / More flowers than all the rest / Of the block combined.Weekend Assignment #51: Write a haiku about spring!

Haiku is three lines:
Five syllables, then seven
And then  five again.

Haiku from Japan
Often concern the seasons.
Why shouldn't ours, too?

The Extra Credit:
A drawing or a picture
Showing spring in bloom!



Spring Haiku

Did you know that I
Wrote my first spring haiku back
In fifth grade or so?

I remember it,
But I will not post it here:
Too embarrassing!


Spring in Tucson is
Perfect, pleasant, often dry,
But we brace for heat.

This year, we had rain.
Tucson is much greener now
And the drought abates.

flowers and planes at Pima Air and Space MuseumWas there winter rain?
If there was, then dormant seeds
Will awake at last.

Patient seeds become
Opportunist flowers, but
Their time will be short.

Heat and storms will blast
Spring's briefly fertile ground when
Cruel Summer returns.

March means visitors:
D-back, Sox and Rockies fans
Fill up the hotels.

Tucson looks to Lute
To help the Wildcats dance well
Into the Big Dance.



ondinemonet said...


Beautiful haiku! Your talent leaves me speechless. Sigh! The pink sunset left me feeling comforted soft. :)

Love, Carly :)

deabvt said...

Only 9 Haiku? Must have been tired!
My son will love these Pics!

plittle said...

I like the last one in the green font. I've always avoided writing haikus where a line needs to continue into the next. I feel that each line should be able to stand alone as a complete thought. I have no idea what the actual rules of haiku are, just my preference.

ryanagi said...

Narrative Haiku! LOL nice job. I also loved your "sunset over the airplane graveyard" series too. ;-)

rebelchick2214 said...

I love Arizona. It's so pretty.

Amber -