Thursday, March 3, 2005

They Want Your Blood - and I Want Them to Have It!

Weekend Assignment #49: Congratulations! You've become famous enough to be courted for product endorsements and/or charitable cause spokespersonhood. Which product or charity would you personally endorse? Incidentally, while the idea here would be a chance to highlight a product/charity you enjoy or believe in, it's perfectly acceptable for the purposes of this Weekend Assignment to make an endorsement purely for the cash. So if you want to go in that direction, knock yourself out (note: the product has to be legal; the charity has to be an actual one).

Extra Credit: A picture of yourself with your beloved product, looking perhaps a little too enthusiastic (i.e., ham it up).

Red Cross office in Tucsonmy arm

Although minor negative rumblings surface from time to time, overall the Red Cross does good, important work, both locally and globally.  I'm not much of a joiner or an activist, but yeah, they get my endorsement--and my A+ blood.  See?  There's your extra credit, because that's my arm with the pink bandage.  They call me now as often as I'm eligible, because they really need the blood.  Too bad I don't always pass the vein check. (Sometimes they can't get a good vein.)

Some people can't give blood, based on their medical, sexual, pharmaceutical, or even travel history. But what the heck; if you can't give blood, you can give cash, and help support the Red Cross with their disaster relief and other good work:

"The American Red Cross works with a global network of Red Cross, Red Crescent and equivalent societies to restore hope and dignity to the world's vulnerable people. This international Red Cross movement brings emergency relief to disaster victims, and improves basic living conditions of those in chronically deprived areas of the world. Guided by our seven Fundamental Principles ? Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality ? the American Red Cross partners with countless organizations in the efficient and effective relief of human suffering and the empowerment of people with the skills they need to help themselves."

Sounds good to me!  I don't have money to give them these days, but someday I will.  In the meantime, they get my blood--and my noncelebrity endorsement.

St. Michael's The other charitable organization I would be inclined to endorse and support is St. Michael's And All Angels Episcopal Church in Tucson, Arizona.  Oh wait--I already do! I write about St. Michael's fairly often, both here and on the two church blogs, so we needn't belabor the point again just now.



News of the Day

1.  I broke my glasses today.

Fortunately, they had two pairs of the same frames in stock, one brown and one purple.  I looked longingly at the purple, and took the brown.  Eye appointment to follow--I'm due anyway.

2. I thought I had more time!

Last night I got around to researching the CPA exam in May--or tried to.  The AICPA and the Arizona Board of Accountancy had only outdated information.  From what I read on the web sites for CPA review software, the most popular of  which costs well over $2,000, it takes at least three or four months to prepare for all four parts of the CPA exam.  Oops!  It also turned out that John had assuming I was going to get a good job even without the CPA designation, and take the exam in a year!  No, John, the CPA thing is an important precursor to the good job, especially for serious money!

I talked to Becky, and to Susan S. at UoP, and to Sarah.  I've decided, at least tentatively, to a) go for the $800-something, less famous CPA review software, and only take two of the four parts of the exam.  From what I read, if I pass either part, that pass counts for the next 18 months as I work on passing the rest.  (After that one has to take it all over again.)

UoP regalia - two weeks and two days away While I was at school (I stopped there after work), I also picked up my cap and gown and announcement cards. My Dad will be here two weeks from tomorrow for the graduation ceremony. And we haven't started cleaning the house, yet!



ryanagi said...

Well...same frames is the cost effective way to go. That way you get to use your same lenses for a while yet.  And good choice...I frequently support the Red Cross.

cneinhorn said...

great choices!


deabvt said...

Cap & Gown!!  Yea!!!

sistercdr said...

Congrats on the cap and gown.  Sorry about the glasses, and hooray for the Red Cross!