Monday, March 7, 2005

Blogging My Weekend, Part One

It's after midnight, I'm tired, and I haven't done the church update yet tonight (and will probably put it off a day).  I'm not up for writing a long post right now.  But I did take a bunch of pictures this weekend.  So I'll try to take a page from JerseyGirl, and post mostly pictures tonight.

Part One: Saturday

Pop Quiz:  What is This?

kind of scary-looking out of context!

Answer coming up below.

The view from the mall roofSaturday we went to Park Place, formerly Park Mall.  Afterward, John pointed out the snow on Mt. Lemmon.  Yes, it snowed in March in Southern Arizona, but only in the mountains.  John drove onto the roof of the parking garage so I could take a few pictures.  This is looking north across the city.

Why were we at the mall?  Well, I did have teriyaki chicken, and John got some shirts at Dillard's. But mostly we were there as a follow-up to what happened on Thursday.  That's when my glasses broke, remember?

relection of eye chartThat's right: the contraption at the top of this entry was one of the machines used in my eye exam.  Also in that same room was an updated version of the classic eye chart.  Instead of hanging on the wall, it's projected in a mirror. The picture is a fairly accurate representation of how it really looked to me, with glasses on.

By the way, I'm getting bifocals this time.  I'll get them in a couple of weeks, and return the emergency frames for a refund.

After the mall, we came home to bad news.  This was on my computer screen, replacing the AOL and Word windows that were there when we left the house:

You hate to see that!

I managed to get my beloved Compaq running again, but the hard drive is having serious problems.  I've suspected trouble was coming for a while now.  John is dead set against my replacing the computer until I have to, but that day may come sooner than he expects.

Tomorrow night: Blogging Sunday.  Here's a sample:

Two tin bands, one toy mechanism




ryanagi said...

Hmm...the last image isn't showing up for some reason. But I'm glad to hear you have your glasses. :-)  I hope John comes around and lets you get the new computer.

cneinhorn said...

so my secret is out: when not much to write about, put up the photos!!  works like a charm...nice photos Karen...enjoy your new glasses!  The dog ate mine, so have to get the frame replaced, and wearing contacts for now!  I had nothing but problems with 2 different compaq systems, and tried something different this time... hope you get the computer fixed!

deabvt said...

You sure don`t slow down!