Monday, December 13, 2004

Chain of Shame

John Scalzi posts this invitation:

Tell me a story of how you procrastinated recently by doing something more fun instead. 

How about right now?  I'm at the office.  I've been feeling less than well all day, probably in part because I got to bed at 4:30 AM. 
I went to bed that late because I took a bath after going offline for the night. I went offline at 3:45 AM because I needed to post the weekly updates to the St. Michael's schedule and blogspot pages, and then fix the errors. (I was tired.)  I didn't post those earlier because I was busy writing the Hanukkah entries below, cataloging which questions I'd already asked, and posting a package of five questions -- despite the fact that I briefly posted that I wasn't going to post any trivia Sunday night. And I didn't get to THAT earlier because I was a) trying to get the entry with the silver background jpg written and illustrated and posted while in IM with two friends, AND b) watching at least five hours of Buffy Seasons Two and Three on DVD with John.  He's always leading me astray like that. 

Bottom line: Buffy was more compelling than journaling, which was more compelling than posting stuff for church.  And it was ALL more alluring than 1. cleaning house, 2. getting adequate sleep, and 3. processing invoices and payments while sitting here at the office, trying to ignore very minor but persistant abdominal pain.

That's my chain of shame. Everything I should do is too easily displaced by something more interesting. Not only that, but that more interesting thing gets displaced by something more interesting still, which gets displaced by something else.  I do get to most of it eventually, but usually at the expense of sleep and, ultimately, my health.

On the other hand, I did finally clean the spoiled food out of the refrigerator yesterday.  That should count for something, right?




marigolds2 said...

well, yeowww.  i came to vist your journal, because at some point in the recently deranged past you visited mine.  and left a comment.  and i appreciated it.  and now i am momentarily free to wander cyberspace and read journals and enjoy myself.  so, that's what i'm doing.  but, i see that your journal (journals?) may take a whole bunch of time to figure out.  fictional characters and stuff.  okay, i'll see what i can do.  in the meantime, please come back and say hello.  i do have cats, however.

jevanslink said...

A triumphant procrastination if I say so myself.  Mrs. L

ryanagi said...

Ok...I have to say it. Every time I see this "tired" photo of yours, I have an amazingly strong urge to photoshop the blemish off your forehead. LMAO!