Friday, December 31, 2004

Holiday Trivia - A New Year's Eve Blowout!

Happy New Year!

Question Eighty-Six: When was the first formal New Year's Eve celebration at Times Square?
    a) December 31st, 1904
    b) December 31st, 1905
    c) December 31st, 1899
    d) December 31st,  1907

Question Eighty-Seven: The sixth night of Kwanzaa celebrates the principle of Kuumba, meaning creativity. Part of this principle is the idea of doing doing "as much as we can" to benefit the community.  This night is also celebrated with
    a) campfire songs
    b) a Kwanzaa Feast (Karamu)
    c) the lighting of all the candles of the kinara except one green one
    d) the painting of communal murals

Question Eighty-Eight: What year did Dick Clark first host Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve?
    a) 1971
    b) 1972
    c) 1973
    d) 1974

Question Eighty-Nine: What year did the ball first drop in Times Square?
    a) 1905
    b) 1906
    c) 1907
    d) 1908

Question Ninety: What did the city of Indianapolis introduce on 12/31/38 to combat drunk driving?
    a) walking a straight line
    b) the drunk tank
    c) the "drunkometer"
    d) the designated driver

Question Ninety-One: Who was most associated with New Year's Eve before Dick Clark's annual gig got started?
    a) The Queen of Roses
    b) Captain Kangaroo
    c) Guy Lombardo
    d) Robert Burns

Question Ninety-Two: Who helped to develop the song Auld Lang Syne as we know it?
    a) William Shakespeare
    b) Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    c) Robert Browning
    d) Robert Burns



sakishler said...

Happy New Year to you, too!

86. c?

87. b

88. b?

89. a? I think I heard something about it being the 100th anniversary this year.

90. d?

91. a?

92. d

jeff466 said...








ryanagi said...

86. A
87. B
88. B
89. C
90. C
91. C
92. D