Friday, December 17, 2004

Holiday Trivia # 37-40

Well, at least I'm posting these before 3 AM this time.

Question Thirty-Seven:  Which of the following historical figures does not become one of Santa’s immortal helpers in The Autobiography of Santa Claus?
    a) Attila the Hun
    b) Arthur, King of the Britons
    c) Leonardo Da Vinci
    d) Charles Dickens

Question Thirty-Eight: Who goes “Thumpety-thump-thump, thumpety-thump-thump?”
   a) Godzilla
     b) Frosty the Snowman
     c) eight tiny reindeer
     d) Santa, with a rock in his boot

Question Thirty-Nine: A character on the TV series The OC has been spearheading a semi-serious movement to institute what interfaith holiday?
  a) Thankshanuchristza
  b) Chrismahanukwanzakah
  c) Chrismukkah
  d) Eastover

hollyQuestion Forty: In The Holly and The Ivy, the ivy
     a) bears the crown
     b) climbs the tower
     c) appears in depth in the fourth verse
     d) is hardly mentioned

Deadline for guesses on questions 16-40 is Sunday night the 19th.  Answers to those same questions will be posted Monday night, along with a list of the top scorers.



sakishler said...

37. No idea, really. d?

38. I imagine they probably all did at some point in their lives. But Frosty is the one we sing about. B.

39. I haven't seen this show. But I'm drawn to c.

40. ????? a. Total wild stab here.

jeff466 said...

37: A

38: C

39: C (It sounded too Hollywood to resist)

40: C

Since I guessed at most of them, I also guess I won't be a top scorer :)  Jeff

ryanagi said...

37. C
38. B
39. C
40. A

ryanagi said...

I gotta read more carefully! I totally read 40 as HOLLY.