Friday, December 31, 2004

Holiday Trivia #84-85

 Sorry this is a little late!  I've been having phone line problems, and several other distractions. Please note that I just renumbered the entries from 80 on, bevcause I had two #80s! 

Question Eighty-Four: Aside from being the Sixth Day of Christmas and the Fifth Night of Kwanzaa, December 30th is
    a) the day before Yule in the Shire calendar
    b) Rizal Day in the Philippines
    c) the official birthday of the blues
    d) the feast day of St. Lazare

Question Eighty-Five: The fifth night of Kwanzaa celebrates the principle of Nia, meaning
    a) cooperative economics
    b) having a goal or purpose
    c) collective work and responsibility
    d) self-determination




ondinemonet said...

Hello Dear One :)

Question 83: I guess d) the feast of St. Lazare

Question 84: c) collective work and responsibility.

Take care dear and have a very Happy New Year!

Love, Carly :)

sakishler said...

83. ????? Do the blues actaully have an offical birthday? That seems weird enough to me to make c my answer.

84. b. Again, wouldn't have known that a couple of days ago.

daephene said...

I'm guessing d  for the first, and the second is b.  

jeff466 said...



ryanagi said...

84. B
85. B