Thursday, December 23, 2004

Holiday Trivia #61-64

Welcome to my Christmas Eve's Eve edition of Holiday Trivia!

Question Sixty-One:  In A Christmas Carol, who comes to Scrooge’s office and asks him to give to the poor?
    a) Jacob Marley
    b) Christmas carolers
    c) his nephew
    d) two portly gentlemen

Question Sixty-Two: “We won’t go until we get some” what?
    a) piggy pudding
    b) figgy pudding
    c) pumpkin pie
    d) money

Question Sixty-Three: In O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi”, what does Jim sell to raise money at Christmas?
    a) brushes and combs
    b) his watch
    c) his moustache
    d) drugs

Question Sixty-Four: What famous American writer almost certainly influenced Clement Moore’s description of St. Nicholas?
    a) Mark Twain
    b) Washington Irving
    c) Herman Melville
    d) Stephen King

Expect more Christmas Eve-centric questions tomorrow night.



sakishler said...

61. Hey, that's me! I know the real answer is d. But it could be, and has been, three ladies in hoop skirts.

62. b. Much to Miss Piggy's relief until Gonzo tells her there is also bacon in it.

63. b. One of our local radio talk show hosts reads that on his program every year. In fact, I just heard it. Did you ever see the Sesame Street special where Ernie trades in his rubber duckie for a box for Bert's paper clip collection and Bert trades in his paper clip collection for a soap dish for Ernie's rubber duckie?

64. This the only guess I have to make this round. Since I'm kind of tired and loopy right now, I'm going with "a." based on the "logic" that the name Clement Moore reminds me of the name Samuel Clemens. And of course it's not d. And I can't imagine it being c.

jeff466 said...




64-B  Jeff

ryanagi said...

61. D
62. B
63. B
64. A