Saturday, December 11, 2004

Holiday Trivia #11-15

Ready for another mini-extravaganza of holiday trivia? Here goes! This one's mostly media-oriented.

Question Eleven: What was the name of the group behind the first recording of Do They Know It's Christmas?
     a. The Boomtown Rats
     b. Band Aid
     c. Band-Aid
     d. Johnson & Johnson

Question Twelve: The season of Advent is associated with all of the following except"matches and candles and buns" - Podgy the Bear
     a. matches
     b. candles
     c. wreaths
     d. calendars

Question Thirteen: At the end of a Christmas story that sends the great detective on a literal goose chase, Sherlock Holmes remarks that it's "the season...
     a. to be jolly."
     b. of charity."
     c. of forgiveness."
     d. that drives the poor to crime."

Question Fourteen: Which of these shows never had an episode with their take on A Christmas Carol?
    a. WKRP in Cincinnati
    b. Quantum Leap
    c. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    d. Blackadder

Question Fifteen: Who wrote a satirical list of "The Ten Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time?"
     a. Matt Roush, published by TV Guide
     b. Joss Whedon, published in Starlog
     c. John M. Scalzi, published by National Lampoon
     d.  Darren Johnson, published in Mad Magazine

Deadline for guesses on questions 1-15 is Sunday night.



sakishler said...

What the heck, I'll take a stab at all of these.

11 is b. I would be a sad member of the MTV generation if I didn't know that.

12. Well, I guess "a." You don't hear of "advent matches," although you would use them to light advent candles, sort of making them "freely associated" with Advent.

13. Really, no idea. C?

14. I sort of remember WKRP doing this when I was little, and I'm pretty sure Blackadder did too. I never watched Quantum Leap (sorry!), but I did watch most of Buffy and I don't remember a Buffy episode like this. So my guess is c.

15. Wild guess: a.

ryanagi said...

I concur with the commenter below...except for question 15. That would be C. I just got John's new book in the mail today. I wonder how many years it will be, before I get to read it. LOL

dancingwithivory said...

This is easy for me....Umm I don't know. But I would like to say that ANYONE who hasn't seen an episode of Quantum leap, needs to get right on that ::hint hint:::

cneinhorn said...

oh, i'm terrible at this trivia stuff, would never make a good Jeopardy contestant
;-)  ummm, great questions though!  :-)