Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Cool Yule

stockings by Target
By last night, John had taken down the vintage stockings and put up the ones we got last year at Target, one of our favorite sources for new products with midcentury modern sensibilities. The good stockings will be filled and rehung on Christmas Eve.

Then when I got home tonight, I noticed that the turquoise and pink pine cones John decorated last year were on display in the front room, along with a "Cool Yule" glass ashtray or candy dish.  I think the candy dish thing was actually there last night.  He's also gotten out the rotating stand for the aluminum tree, so I'll put the tree together tonight and post the picture.

pinecones in midcentury colorsI have nothing deep to say at the moment, just these pictures to post.  I can tell you that I tracked down the correct answers for some of the existing Christmas trivia questions, and marked them in my master document.  I still have a long way to go on the project, but I'm enjoying it.  However, that and Joshua Wander continue to take me away from my scheduled activities of house cleaning and novel editing during this hiatus from school.  Also, I've hardly gotten any gifts for John so far.  Where did I put that book I bought him?  And where are those Gorey Christmas cards?

is it an ashtray, a candy dish or a coaster?Josh Wander has been on my mind rather a lot lately. I've discussed him in IM with friends, and written enough bits at odd moments to string together for the next installment. Today I wrote some stuff for it on scrap paper at lunch. When I got back to the office, I was compelled to type up the rest of the scene into an email to myself before I could concentrate on the ARC report.



deabvt said...

Now, that`s a great ashtray!!

ryanagi said...

LOL I like the pine cones and ashtray too!

jeff466 said...

I really like that cool yule ashtray/candy dish.  I have some pine cones and spray paint, so guess who will have a tray of them by this weekend :)  http://pointclickjeff.blogspot.com/   Jeff