Thursday, December 9, 2004

Holiday Trivia #4

Another one that's really from the book. One problem I'm having is that the trivia book files are from 1988. We probably wrote them in Word 3.0 for Mac, so the formatting is not terribly compatible with current programs. Even once I delete all the garbage, the correct answers are no longer marked in any way. Fortunately, I still know many of the answers myself. 

 Question Four: Who designed the first Christmas card, and when?
the card in question     a. John Callcott Horsley, 1843
     b. William Dean Hallmark, 1852
     c. Sir Henry Cole, 1842
     d. Louis Prang, 1874




ryanagi said...

A. :-)

ondinemonet said...

Hi yet again :) LOL.

I want to say B, but I think it might be A. Ok, Yikes, A. LOL.
Always, carly :)