Monday, December 27, 2004

Holiday Trivia #76-78

One of these is a little sacrilegious. Please forgive me. - Karen.

Question Seventy-Six: On the first three days of Christmas, what did my true love give to me, according to Bob and Doug McKenzie?
    a) three french fries, two turtlenecks, and a bear in a tree
    b) three french fries, two turtlenecks, and a beer in a tree
    c) three french toast, two pounds of back bacon, and a beer in a tree
    d) three french toast, two turtlenecks, and a beer in a tree

Question Seventy-Seven: Which candle in the Kinara is lit first on the second night of Kwanzaa?
    a) the first red candle, representing self-determination
    b) the black candle, representing unity
    c) the first green candle, representing collective work and responsibility
    d) different candles are chosen in different years

Question Seventy-Eight: Who were the Holy Innocents?
    a) the children slaughtered by King Herod in his failed attempt to kill Jesus
    b) the Little Drummer Boy, Amahl  and Baboushka
    c)  the first people to see baby Jesus
    d) Cubby and Karen


sakishler said...

76. b? But I thought the beer wasn't in a tree? (I thought they sang only "a beer." But I'm hardly a Bob and Doug McKenzie expert. In fact, I'm really really not.)

77. I guessed a before and it turned out to be wrong. So I'll guess a again for a different question.

78. a

cneinhorn said...

love the questions...Happy  Holidays!


jeff466 said...



78-C  Jeff

ryanagi said...

76. D
77. A
78. A