Friday, December 10, 2004

Holiday Trivia #6-10

Ready for a mini-extravaganza of Christmas trivia? Here goes!

Question Six: Who of the following has not starred as Ebenezer Scrooge?
     a. George C Scott
     b. Mr. Magoo
     c. Scrooge McDuck
     d. Bill Murray

Question Seven: In southern Italy, presents are taken out of
     a. context
     b. the Urn of Fate
     c. the Urn of Faith
     d. the mother’s apron

Question Eight: A traditional Christmas dinner in Australia is sometimes
     a. a kangaroo
     b. a picnic
     c. a good thick soup
     d. two kangaroos


Question Nine: Who provided the music for A Charlie Brown Christmas?
    a. The Schroeder - Pigpen Combo
    b. Michael Garibaldi Trio
    c. Vince Lombardi Trio
    d. Vince Guaraldi Trio

Question Ten: According to Irish superstition, leaving a loaf of bread on the table after Christmas Eve dinner
     a. ensures a supply of bread for the coming year.
     b. gives Santa Claus something to eat
     c.should be left as an offering to baby Jesus
     d. was probably stale anyway


Reminder: please post your guesses/answers in comments, preferably before reading existing comments or seaching Google for the answers.  Answers for Questions 1-15 will be posted on Monday. And yes, there will be a prize. I just need to figure out what prize it will be! 



ryanagi said...

6. D? Technically Bill Murray's character was only "Scrooge-Like" not actually Scrooge.

7. Buon Natale! I know La Befana leaves gifts in kids' shoes or stockings... Hmm. Urn of Fate?

8. A Bondi Beach picnic! It's hot down there at Christmas time. LOL

9. D. LMAO

10. Well...Irish tradition says to leave a loaf on the table to insure you have enough bread for the coming year. So I'll go with that. :-)

daephene said...

Hmmm.  I'm only going to answer number eight, because I can.  It's b. Technically I think it's more of a barbecue than a picnic for the Aussies I know, but I think that still makes b right.

For number seven, well, a is my favorite.

sakishler said...

Number 6 is, I guess, d. That's one version I've never seen.

Number 9: d.