Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Holiday Trivia #81-83

 You guessed it - more Kwanzaa and 12 Days of Christmas.

Question Eighty-One: The fourth night of Kwanzaa celebrates the principle of Ujamaa, meaning
    a) self-determination
    b) cooperative economics
    c) collective work and responsibility
    d) creativity

Question Eighty-Two: In different versions of the secret catechism theory, the five golden rings (or gold rings) for the Fifth Day of Christmas have been wrongly reported to refer to all of the following except
    a) the Pentateuch
    b) five decades of the rosary
    c) five obligatory sacraments of the Church
    d) five ring-necked golden pheasants

  Question Eighty-Three: The Twelve Days of Christmas end with
    a) Christmas Day
    b) the Feast of Stephen
    c) Epiphany
    d) Candlemas



ryanagi said...

80. B
81. D
82. C

sakishler said...

80. c. I looked the whole thing up after one of your earlier Kwanzaa questions; otherwise I think my determined self would just keep guessing "self-determination" for all of these (my high school French teacher got really annoyed at one of my fellow students for putting down "Napolean" on tests whenever he didn't know the right answer. Don't you love the tangents that arise from trivia questions?)

81. b

82. c

sakishler said...

(post-Google comment) Oh dear - I got Ujamaa mixed up with Ujima. And I didn't read question 81 carefully enough (shame on me!).

jeff466 said...