Monday, December 6, 2004

Holiday Trivia #1

From now through New Year's, I'm going to post selected questions from a book of holiday trivia that John and I wrote in 1988-1989. I don't have the manuscript handy right now, so for the first question, I'm going to wing it. (Hooray for Google, which makes the research so much easier than in 1989!) You can play along by posting your choices in comments. Depending on the response, there MAY be a prize. Correct answers for the previous week's questions will be posted on Mondays. (And don't worry; I'll still be posting my usual fiction and essays and rants as well.)

Ready? We're starting with an easy one.

 Question One: Why is the feastday of St. Nicholas of Myra celebrated on December 6th?
     a. It was his birthday.
     b. It was the day he died.
     c. It was the day he first went down a chimney.
     d. It was a day that just happened to be open in the Church calendar.



jeff466 said...

What interesting reading when I looked up some information about this!  I choose B as the answer.

A reference to him having a helper to deliver the gifts named "zwarte piet" who was black from going down the chimney so often that he can't wash off the soot was a new one for me-learn something new every day I guess!

Thanks for the fun holiday trivia,  Jeff

mommysquiettime said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my Journal the other day!  I wanted to stop by and say hi!  Great journal! I'll be back!

ryanagi said...

B.  :-)

ondinemonet said...

Karen :)

This is delightful :) How much fun is this?

My guess is A

sakishler said...

My guess on this one (I'm know I getting to this late) is b.