Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Holiday Trivia # 53-56

These should be a bit easier.

Question Fifty-Three: How is Santa dressed in A Visit From St. Nicholas?
    a) in red velvet
    b) in fur
    c) as the Tooth Fairy
    d) in long white robes

Question Fifty-Four: In what body of water can you find Christmas Island?
    a) Pacific Ocean
    b) Arctic Ocean
    c) Indian Ocean
    d) a and c

Question Fifty-Five:
  Which of the following was not a real Christmas TV special?
    a) The True Meaning of Christmas Specials
    b) Miss Piggy’s Christmas Cookery
    c) Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas
    d) Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

Question Fifty-Six: In the song I’ll Be Home For Christmas, how is the singer planning to get there?
    a) by plane
    b) by train
    c) by car
    d) by dreaming




jeff466 said...

53- D




sakishler said...

These are a bit easier. But I'm still mostly guessing.

53. b. I always hoped that it was fake fur.

54. d? I just know it's near Australia.

55. d is the only one I know for sure was real. I'll guess b because I've heard of most Muppet things and I haven't heard of that. I don't think.

56. d

ryanagi said...

53. B
54. D
55. B
56. D