Monday, December 13, 2004

Holiday Trivia #21-24

Here's the next batch. Got to get in another Hanukkah question before the holiday is over!

Question Twenty-One: In A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, what were the names of the other Cratchitt children?
    a. Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail
    b. Belinda, Peter, and Martha
    c. Their names were never given
    d. Jeremy, Duncan and Mary

Question Twenty-Two: What is the point of the eight candles in a menorah?
  a) to give the family something to do on each night of the holiday
  b) they represent the eight candles that lit the Tabernacle circa 165 BCE
  c) they symbolize the miraculous multiplication of the Temple's candles
  d) there are actually nine candles, counting the shamash, and anyway, the miracle involved lamp oil that lasted for eight days


Question Twenty-Three: In England, what is the day after Christmas called?
     a) Returns Day
     b) Leftover Day
     c) Boxing Day
     d) The Day After Christmas

Question Twenty-Four: Who played Kris Kringle in the first filmed version of  Miracle on 34th Street?
   a) Sebastian Cabot
   b) Fred Gwinn
   c) Edmund Gwenn
   d) Nero Wolfe

And to all a good night!



sakishler said...

21. b. Although in our play we have Peter, Martha, Elizabeth, and (even-tinier-than-Tim) Robert. (I guess our adapter/director didn't like the name "Belinda.")

22. d

23. c

24. I don't know this one at all. But for some reason I want to choose b.

jeff466 said...





Now you have got me wanting to see Miracle on 34th street :)  I just watched It's a wonderful life for the umpteenth time-it seems to help bring on the holiday.  Jeff

plittle said...

The lamp oil was of the olive variety, but it was my understanding that the miraculous number was seven. Perhaps the Rabbi I saw on TV talking about it was wrong?

ryanagi said...

21. B
22. D
23. C
24. C
25. Ah...only 4 questions in this segment. LOL