Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tuffy's Resolutions for 2005 - in Haiku!

Even the dog biscuits don't always appeal.

Weekend Assignment #41: Make a new year's resolution... for your pet. If you have more than one pet, of course, feel free to make resolutions for any or all of them.

Extra Credit: Imagine what your pet would make as a resolution for you.

My resolution
For Tuffy: stop barking at
Our few visitors.

An alternative:
Tuffy, eat your dry dog food.
Don't hold out for meat!

One more for Tuffy:
Convince us that you love us
Rather than just mooch!

Doesn't like it. Or Kibbles & Bits.  Or anything.*********

Tuffy thinks we should
Resolve to pitch the dry food
And feed her chicken.

Beef would be okay.
As long as it's gobs of meat,
She'll be satisfied.

That's her doggy claim,
But I know that she'd get bored,
Even with meat gobs!


"I resolve to be
More affectionate and eat
The food in my dish."

"I resolve to feed
Tuffy the best food there is:
Varied and tasty!"

She'll usually eat the biscuits, but usually not the Beggin' Strips.Even the dog biscuits don't always appeal.

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valphish said...

Wonderful!!  Tuffy is a handsome one!

deabvt said...

Great Post!
Yea!!  Tuffy!!

viviansullinwank said...

Go Tuffy!  :)

Happy New Year!!!