Thursday, December 9, 2004

Meeting Nicholas Again for the First Time

Weekend Assignment #38: It's the Holidays! Create your own festive Holiday Character and give him, her or it at least one seasonally appropriate magical ability (or use its native traits and skills to save the holiday season).

Extra Credit: Provide at least one stanza of your Holiday Character's theme song (to help you out, you may borrow the music of any familiar song).

Sorry, but there are too many lame holiday characters as it is. Rather than create a new one, I'm going to write some more about an old one--a very old one. Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra, has had plenty of magic attributed to him, but earlier in his career, such deeds were called "miracles."  In the song below, Nicholas tells a small part of the story of his life.

snagged from stnicholascenter.orgThe Bishop of Myra has something to say
About celebrations of each Christmas Day:
"It's not about me,
But rather for He
Who preserves all our souls, and o'er Heaven holds sway.

"You know me as Santa, and sometimes St. Nick,
Father Christmas, Kris legends grow thick.
But in my mortal life,
I ne'er had a wife,
Nor reindeer--and those are not names I would pick.

"In Patara, in Asia in the fourth century,
I was orphaned while young, and yet blessed, as you'll see.
They left me with wealth,
And my very good health,
And the chance to indulge generosity.

"It was my great joy to look after the poor,
For Earth's treasures mean little; Heaven's treasures I store.
I gave wealth away,
And to this very day,
I've a penchant for gifts children still thank me for.

"When in Myra, Lycia, they could not decidesame source

On a bishop, replacing the one who had died,
A dream said, 'Watch for
Morning's first through that door,
That worshiper will next in Myra abide.'

"As you may have guessed,  I rose early that morn,
Ignorant of the station for which I was born.
'What's your name, lad?' they cried.
'Nicholas,' I replied.
Soon a bishop's tall miter my head would adorn.

"I've averted a famine, and calmed storms at sea,
Resurrections of children they credit to me,
I'm patron to poor,
Children, poets and more,
Professions and churches and lands like Sicily.

"At Nicea a council was held, and I went,
From all the known world, other clergy were sent.
I slapped one who denied
God in Three doth abide.
The creed called "Nicene" our group soon would invent.

"The things I did then, in my time on the Earth,
All came about because of our dear Lord's birth.
Once a baby, he grew,
And conquered death, too,
Reconciled us to God, and gave all our souls worth."

There's music for this, too, but I'm not going to sing it for you, and I don't play an instrument.  Sorry. The melody is based on a hymn that I can't name and only half-remember. All I can come up with is part of one line. "I'll never, no never...."


Update: I tracked it down. My melody was similar to the Johann M. Haydn melody for the hymn How Firm a Foundation. Mine wasn't as good, so let's adopt the Haydn.
MIDI borrowed from

Seasonal Fiction: Snowflake - short fiction about Nicholas of Myra

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deabvt said...

Karen, That`s Terrific!
Great writing!

ryanagi said...

It kinda has a limerick cadence to it. LOL Nice job!

andthenonekim said...

That's pretty cool. I never knew the story of the real St. Nicholas. Thanks!

ancidkb47 said...

how very thoughtful!!!  a treat to remind us to be mindful, debra

mygr8creatures said...

OH, that is a great song about the real St. Nick :)

dancingwithivory said...

BRAVO!  I love it.  It verges on educational. :)

ondinemonet said...


This is lovely...simply Lovely. Very Classy choice my dear one.

Always, Carly :)