Sunday, December 19, 2004

Holiday Trivia #41-44

Tonight's questions mark the beginning of the last pre-Christmas batch of questions.  There will also be questions between Christmas and Epiphany, referring to the period between (you guessed it!) Christmas and Epiphany.

Question Forty-One:  When was the first Miracle on 34th Street film released?
    a) Christmas, 1946
    b) May, 1947
    c) Thanksgiving, 1948
    d) Thanksgiving, 1947

Question Forty-Two: Who narrates the Frosty the Snowman TV special?
  a) Burl Ives
     b) Frosty the Snowman
     c) Jimmy Durante
     d) Gene Autry

hollyQuestion Forty-Three: The Druids believed that a syrup made from the holly plant would
     a) cause a person to dream the future
make a woman fertile
     c) cure a cough
     d) produce a hallucinogenic smoke when burned

Question Forty-Four: According to a well-known song, how does one get to Grandmother’s house?
    a. over the river and through the woods
    b. Stay on Main, turn right at the second light, and it’s the fifth house on the left
    c. Take the A train
    d. over the woods and through the river

Deadline for guesses on questions 41-68 is Sunday night the 26th.



jeff466 said...




44-A (to get to my Grandmothers house is eerily similar to B!) Jeff

sakishler said...

41. Dunno. It makes no sense for it to be released in May so watch that be the answer. My offical guess is D.

42. C.

43. Dunno. B, maybe.

44. A.

ryanagi said...

41. B
42. C
43. A
44. A