Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Oh. Christmas Tree?

the glass crechewide angle with
shots seem to work a little better.I was going to write a whole thing about the interplay of dreams, emotions, and memory, but I don't feel up to it tonight. Instead I'll just post a few notes on the progress of the Christmas decorating.

1. I did get the tree up last night.

2. The two new garlands from Wal-Mart didn't look good on the tree, so I strung them elsewhere. 

3. I also set up a glass nativity set that Teresa gave me years ago.  I set the manger upside down so that it's empty. Mary and Joseph are back a way from the mirror and manger, because they haven't reached Bethlehem yet. The magi are even farther back, because they don't arrive until Epiphany.  I like these magi because they don't have crowns.  Back in the day, these guys almost certainly didn't have crowns. I finished the scene with a few plastic animals and an iron horse.

4. John got out the ornaments too dark!today--well, some of them. He even found a place to display the star that's too big and heavy to top any tree we've had since we bought the thing.

5. About half of the ornaments on the tree are repros of vintage ornaments. Maybe another 40% are actual vintage ornaments, 20 to 50 years old. The rest are newish ones in compatible styles, plus a couple of Mary's decorated blown eggs.

6. Silver trees with color wheels are almost impossible to photograph well with an older digital camera in a not-very-bright room at night.  But I tried.


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Looks great!