Monday, December 20, 2004

Holiday Trivia #45-48

I'm still trying to change the mix of questions to make them a little easier, on average. How am I doin'?

Question Forty-Five: The eight year-old who asked if there really was a Santa Claus was
    a) Virginia O’Dare
    b) Virginia O’Hanlon
    c) Virginia O’Ham
    d) Virginia O’Leary

Question Forty-Six: What, according to A. A. Milne, did King John want most for Christmas?    
  a) oranges and chocolate
     b) a big red India rubber ball
     c) a pocket knife that really cuts
     d) France

Question Forty-Seven: In the first verse of Carol of the Bells, what do the bells all seem to say?    
“Christmas is here”
     b) “Let’s have a beer”
     c) “Be of good cheer”
     d) “Throw cares away”

Question Forty-Eight: The first commercially manufactured Christmas cards in the U.S. were made by
    a. Carl LaFong, of Syracuse, in 1867
    b. Richard Pease, of New York, in 1851
    c. John Crowe Ransom, of New York, in 1872
    d. Louis Prang, of Boston, in 1875

That bad, huh?



ryanagi said...

45. B
46. B is what he wanted the most. But he does mention A and C too. LOL
47. D
48. D

sakishler said...

Hmmm. . . you've posted other questions I found easier than this. But that's okay. Hard questions are good for us. It's just awfully hard to resist the urge to Google before answering. Of course, the knowledge that I can Google them immediately afterwards is of great comfort.  

45. I am fluctuating between a and d. Errrrrrr . . . . a!

46. B?

47. A.

48. I don't know. C.

This definitely isn't one of my best.  . .

jeff466 said...





Thanks for sharing your skating memories on my blog :) Jeff