Monday, December 13, 2004

Holiday Trivia #16-20

No new pictures tonight on the holiday trivia, because it's late and I'm tired. Also, after tonight I'm probably going to cut back to three or four per day. Answers to the first 15 questions will be posted tomorrow night.

Question Sixteen: In what film did the song White Christmas first appear?
     a. Going My Way
     b. Holiday Inn
     c. White Christmas
     d. A Hard Day’s Night

Question Seventeen: Hanukkah commemorates
  a) the building of the first Temple by Solomon
  b) the cleansing of the Temple and victory of the Maccabees over Syrian oppression
  c) the expansion of the Temple by the Herodians
  d) the destruction of the Temple by the Romans

Question Eighteen: Which of the following is not one of traditional names of the three Wise Men?
     a. Balthazar
     b. Melchior
     c. Amahl
     d. Kaspar

Question Nineteen: Hanukkah can also be spelled
  a) חנוכה
  b) Chanukah.
  c) Hannukah
  d) All are acceptable.

Question Twenty: Which of the following was never found in the Wassail bowl?
    a. hot ale
    b. pieces of toast
    c. floating  apples
    d. ice


Deadline for guesses on questions 16-40 is Sunday night the 19th.



daephene said...

My guesses are c,b,c,b,d.  SOme aren't guesses really, but most are.

sakishler said...

16 is quite definitely b. A Hard Day's Night? LOL.

17 is b.

18. This is pretty much a guess: c.

19. I'll guess b.

20. I'll guess d.

shellys555 said...

Uh, technically 17 is mostly none of the above. Chanukah (I always spell it with the C so as to not lose the gutteral CH sound that the word should/used to be pronounced as--so many people can't say it or don't know it's pronounced that way that the H sound has prevailed mostly these days). From the book, The Hanukkah Anthology by Philip Goodman: "Hanukkah, also called the Festival of Lights, occurs ont he twenty-fifth day of the winter month of Kislve. Lasting for eight days, the holiday commemorates the historic victory of the maccabees over the forces of the Syrian tyrant Antiochus in the second century BCE. Hanukkah, which means 'dedication,' celebrates the reclamation of the Jersualem Temple after years of pagan desecration. It also celebrates the liberation of th the Jewish people from the Hellenistic domination." Which also includes the miracle of the one day's worth of oil lasting for 8 days. So it's not just the cleansing of the temple. It's the whole victory, cleansing, miracle of the oil thing.

shellys555 said...

Oops. typo. That should be Kislev.

ryanagi said...

16. B! (My mom and I love that movie...)
17. B
18. C
19. D
20. D Ice? LMAO In a drink meant to warm the soul? Never!